I'm Sarah - FLF's Community Manager and Hammock Enthusiast :)

Hey everyone! As I have mentioned earlier, I'm Sarah - the community manager at FLF Product Design. My job is essentially to build this awesome community full of people who share the mission of transitioning to a circular economy, because our Earth needs it! And I believe we can do it if we all come together and connect our visions. I want to make this a space for you guys, so it's important to me what you think and how you feel (let me know!).

Currently, I'm super interested to learn as much as I can about the global economy so that I can better understand where and how innovation + circular economy fits in. I believe it's essential to make innovation even more accessible and feasible to more people so that we are constantly working towards being more Earth and human-conscious beings - and that's why I believe in our product, The Good Workshop, so much!

I'd love to connect with you on LinkedIn, too!

SarahSmith Posted 1 year ago

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